What Really Happened Between Angelina Jolie And Her Father? - Nicki Swift (2023)

What Really Happened Between Angelina Jolie And Her Father? - Nicki Swift (1)

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ByJessica Sager/Updated: April 16, 2018 1:28 pm EST

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight have made no secret that their relationship is, at best, complicated. Jolie has had open hostility for her father for years, while Voight has made innumerable public pleas to mend their paternal bond well over a decade. Though they've recently reconciled, if history is to be believed, it may not be for long. Here are all the ins and outs of the pair's complex, sometimes sad, occasionally heartwarming, connection.

He allegedly cheated on her mom, then abandoned the family

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Express reported in 2008 that Voight met Jolie's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, on a blind date. They wed when Bertrand was 21 and divorced by the time she was 28. "She studied to be an actress but married my father and by 28 was divorced with two kids," Jolie said of her mother, who died of ovarian cancer in 2007. "She gave up her dreams...I am my mother's daughter. My love of children, my values, caring about what goes on in the world, all of that comes from her...I miss her terribly every day. I try to raise my children the way that my mother raised me. I didn't ­really have a father around."

Added Voight: "I had an ­affair and there was a divorce. There was a lot of hurt and anger...I used to have a problem with lust but I don't anymore. As I get older, the blood gets tamer."

Was there abuse involved?

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Jolie's brother, James Haven, alleged that Voight and Betrand's relationship had more stress and heartbreak than Voight led on. "He put my mom through years of mental abuse," Haven said, according to Express.

A longtime family friend agreed. "Jon Voight was a terrible father to her back then. He cheated on her mother. Marcheline was broken-­hearted," the pal dished. "She told me Jon had emotionally abused her. She said he had a thing for a Hollywood starlet. Angelina had a difficult time growing up with what was going on. She has a lot of hostility toward her dad."

Voight denies abuse of any kind, telling Express, "In all truth I tried to give them and their mother continuous love and support...It comes from their inability to let go of years of programmed anger from their mother, who understandably felt quite hurt when we divorced. God knows for years I've tried to mend this relationship. I continuously send them my heart and love and I'm always available to them for whatever they may need from me."

He may not have supported the family financially

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Jolie's childhood nanny, Cis Rundle, told the National Enquirer that Voight wasn't just an absentee father, but that he also didn't provide for his two children. "Marcheline told me Jon didn't pay child support," she said. "I think he was a deadbeat dad, but Marcheline wouldn't go after him legally." "I never got paid on time," she added. "I was a single parent raising my son, and it was sometimes a struggle to get lunch money for him."

Rundle says Bertrand somehow managed to make ends meet—with her daughter's help. "She was very careful with her money and managed to keep it all going, and when Angie started getting work, she helped her a lot," she said.

Express reports that in her will, Bertrand listed $2 million along with a note that Voight owed her $180,000 in alimony. Voight denies this, insisting he always gave the family "large sums of money."

She may have had a different father figure growing up

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After Voight and Bertrand divorced, Bertrand found love with another Hollywood heavyweight who acted as a paternal figure for Jolie and Haven, Rundle revealed to the National Enquirer. "[Bertrand] had a relationship with Al Pacino," she said. "Angie and James moved to New York near where Al lived." Unfortunately, the romance was short-lived. "Jon went out of his way to ruin that relationship," Rundle said.

However, Andrew Morton's biography Angelina claims that Bertrand's relationship with Pacino was a little more complicated: she initially chose Voight over Pacino because Voight was more successful at the time. When Voight split, she allegedly pursued Pacino again, but he'd already moved on.

She may have exhibited 'daddy issues'

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Psychologists who hadn't treated Jolie told Morton in Angelina (via the Daily Beast and the Daily Mail) that her alleged drug abuse (including hard substances like heroin and cocaine), bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation, kissing her brother on the lips at the 2000 Oscars and becoming sexually active at an early age (as well as her string of failed marriages) may be likely due to her abandonment issues from when Voight left the family.

They had moments of peace

Voight told the Independent that Jolie and Haven joined him at the Oscars in 1986, where he was nominated for his role as a bank robber in Runaway Train. "My name was not announced...[and] my son responded—he just crossed his arms and slunk down in the seat and was really upset that a great injustice had been served! And my daughter to my left put her hand on my arm and said, 'Don't worry Dad, you're wonderful!' It was so sweet."

Jolie also played Voight's daughter in Lookin' To Get Out. "It was a nice little scene," Voight reminisced. "I didn't know that she would go on to be this icon."

As adults, Voight returned the favor: when Jolie starred in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), he had a small role as Croft's father and the pair had a brief reunion afterward for about a year. Rundle told Radar Online that casting Voight was actually both Bertrand and Jolie's idea. "Angie cast him as her father in Tomb Raider. She had the power to do that. And it resurrected his career. Marcheline wanted her to do it."

He almost jeopardized her adoption of Maddox

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In March 2002, before Jolie and then-husband Billy Bob Thornton announced they were adopting son Maddox from Cambodia, Voight allegedly told the whole world. E! News reports that Voight spilled the beans at a pre-Oscar party about how excited he was to be a grandfather and that the adoption was happening, which took the couple by surprise, because they hadn't wanted to announce the news until Cambodian and United States officials finalized the adoption.

He said she has 'mental problems'

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Jolie and Voight's relationship took a turn for the worse in 2002, when Voight gave a now-infamous interview to Access Hollywood (via Entertainment Weekly). During the interview, he alleged that Jolie had "mental problems" dating back to childhood and urged her fans and handlers to make sure that she got help in the wake of her split from Billy Bob Thornton. He also alleged that he had not been allowed to see Jolie's adopted son, Maddox.

The interview obviously struck a nerve with Jolie, who said in a statement, "I don't want to make public the reasons for my bad relationship with my father. I will only say that like every child, Jamie [Haven] and I would have loved to have had a warm and loving relationship with our dad. After all these years, I have determined that it is not healthy for me to be around my father, especially now that I am responsible for my own child."

She dropped his last name

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Entertainment Weekly reported that Jolie had legally dropped "Voight" as her legal last name on Sept. 12, 2002, a little over a month after Voight gave his infamous interview to Access Hollywood. Incidentally, the petition was actually filed on July 3. At the time, she also requested that her son's legal name be changed to Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie. Jolie filed for divorce from Billy Bob Thornton two weeks later, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Shiloh's name was a tribute to her dad

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Curiously enough, the name of Jolie and Brad Pitt's first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel, was a tribute to Voight, according to Andrew Morton's biography, Angelina (via the Daily Beast). Voight and Bertrand almost named Jolie "Shiloh Baptist Voight" after a truck they'd been stuck driving behind in traffic. Bertrand allegedly put the kibosh on the name despite Voight's insistence, claiming it sounded "too Hebrew."

Still, despite the sweet tribute, Jolie and Voight didn't reconnect right away. In July 2006, six weeks after Shiloh's birth, he told People, "I never saw Angie's face more happy [than in the People spread with Pitt and Shiloh]. Deep, deep peace that never has been there before until this...Both Brad and Angie looked so happy. I haven't seen Shiloh yet. I'm looking forward to it. And no, [Jolie and I] haven't spoken...I don't, I didn't have any communication with her." This was confirmed in 2006 when he flubbed granddaughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt's name, calling her "Shakira." Ouch!

They reconciled somewhat in 2007

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After years of tension, signs of a reconciliation came around 2007, after the death of Jolie's mother and Voight's wife. According to reports, it was Jolie's then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt, who urged Jolie to make nice with Voight. "As Jon grows older he's realizing the importance of family, and longs to be a part of his daughter and grandchildren's lives," a source told Express. "It breaks his heart to be kept away. Since Angelina's mother died, Brad Pitt has been gently urging her to reconcile with her father, if not for her sake, then so the children can have their grandfather in their life."

Jolie reportedly reached out to Voight on Christmas 2007, allegedly at the behest of Pitt, who's always been close with his own family. "It was a short call but it meant the world to them," an insider told Express. "It was something for them to build on and Jon couldn't say enough good things about the way his daughter is conducting her life and how ­happy she seemed."

"I think sometimes you have to distance yourself from relationships you feel are unhealthy for you," Jolie said, according to the report. "But we have spoken and we are going to try to get to know each other and maybe try not to be this daddy and daughter, but to be there for each other as friends in the coming years."

Still, they didn't get together that well nor that often. "They've reconciled but she still has moments," Voight's longtime friend Burt Reynolds said on Loose Women (via the Daily Mail). "[Voight is] very kind. I love him so much. He doesn't deserve the kind of treatment that his daughter Angelina Jolie is giving him. I remember when she was ten years—old and I met her and I went over to Jon and said, 'You're in big trouble, she is going to be wild! I hope she doesn't hurt you.'"

They're on relatively good terms now

What Really Happened Between Angelina Jolie And Her Father? - Nicki Swift (12)

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In 2010, Voight told People that he uses Skype to keep in touch with Jolie and his grandchildren. In 2011, Voight joined Jolie at the premiere of her directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey. The following year, Voight went with Jolie, Pitt and the family to Europe, where Pitt was filming World War Z.

In 2013, Voight gushed about his estranged daughter to the Telegraph in light of her New York Times editorial about her double mastectomy and struggles with the BRCA-1 gene. "Angie is remarkable, and very brave," he said. "What she has been going through recently, dealing with her family history of cancer, and what she has been carrying all these years—wondering if this thing would happen to her—it's very difficult on a child. I am trying to be of help by giving her information and looking things up. She has given a real voice to the issue, and she has taken advice and gone in the direction that she has gone. I come from more of a holistic point of view."

That same year, Voight was in the audience while Jolie accepted the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the annual Governors Awards, even though Jolie singled out her mom as her greatest influence on her work and made no mention of her father in her speech. Whatever the case, Voight told the Independent he is "always happy when she's happy" and "when she does good." "There's a lot of good that she's done, y'know?" He said. "She does things quietly to the side. I'm very proud of her. And she's a good director now too."

In November 2015, it was revealed that Voight and Jolie were closer than ever after he attended the premiere of her film with Pitt, By The Sea, that year. The reason: Jolie finally apologized to Voight, according to Closer Weekly. "It's been one of Jon's greatest regrets that he wasn't closer with Angie, and as a result, a bigger part of her children's lives," the report alleged. "He's tried to make amends for years—he's really become a very emotional, big-hearted man." "Angie invited Jon to spend Christmas with her family in LA and to a post-holiday getaway to their château in France," the insider continued. "She'll get Jon together with the kids for a week at least four times a year, and she's inviting him to the kids' birthday parties."

...but he wasn't invited to her wedding to Brad Pitt

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Despite their reunion, Voight was persona non grata at Jolie and Pitt's wedding, held in August 2014 at Jolie and Pitt's chateau in France. "She didn't trust [inviting Voight]. He would have found a way for it to be about him," Rundle told Radar Online. "They may never get over the rift between them...She just knows who he is and she doesn't trust him."

Even though Pitt's entire immediate family was invited, sources told TMZ that Voight wasn't upset, explaining that the wedding conflicted with the Emmy Awards. (Voight had been nominated that year for Ray Donovan). "It sounds like it was a wonderful wedding," Voight later told E! News. "It must have been very beautiful with the kids participating. I know it was during Emmy weeks and they were able to do it very quietly. I'm very happy for them."

...and he's spoken out about their divorce

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Voight has spoken vaguely about Pitt and Jolie's September 2016 divorce filing, telling Radar Online, "I don't know much about it except it must be something serious...I'm concerned." "It's very sad," He added to Inside Edition. "Something very serious must have happened for Angelina to make a decision like this...it's a sad thing."

Voight isn't just speaking to press about the split, either. Sources told Us Weekly that Pitt and Voight have remained close since the couple first got together in 2004. "[Pitt] told her dad that what he loves about her is how passionate and extreme she is. He's been drawn to that." The insider said Pitt and Voight have been keeping in touch since Pitt and Jolie's September split, and Jolie isn't happy about it. "She is really pissed at her dad. She is really bothered that he is talking to Brad...Angelina is speaking to [Voight] but not a lot and not telling him hardly anything because she doesn't trust him."

In other words: expect the relationship between Jolie and Voight to remain complicated for years to come.


Why did Angelina Jolie stop talking to her father? ›

After all these years, I have determined that it is not healthy for me to be around my father, especially now that I am responsible for my own child." That September, she legally dropped "Voight" from her name. And they did not talk for years. "My father and I don't speak," Jolie told Premiere in 2004.

What did Angelina Jolie's dad say about her? ›

Image of What did Angelina Jolie's dad say about her?
Jonathan Vincent Voight is an American actor. Voight is associated with the angst and unruliness that typified the late-1960s counterculture. He has received numerous accolades including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and four Golden Globe Awards as well as nominations for four Primetime Emmy Awards.

What happened to Angelina Jolie's mother? ›

The Mr and Mrs Smith actress is the daughter of Hollywood stars Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight. Share this: Angelina Jolie made a rare social media post on Monday in honor of her late mother, famed Hollywood star Marcheline Bertrand, on World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Has Angelina Jolie ever been in a movie with her dad? ›

Angelina Jolie is an American actress and filmmaker. As a child, she made her screen debut in the comedy film Lookin' to Get Out (1982), acting alongside her father Jon Voight.

Why does Angelina not want Brad to have custody? ›

Jolie's fight to keep Pitt from having joint custody of their children has been based on her allegations of domestic violence, which was said to be fueled by Pitt's abuse of alcohol and problems managing his anger.

Why did Angelina kiss her brother on the lips? ›

The Lara Croft star later clarified that they were doing so out of sibling love and that it was a gesture that their parents had no problem with. She told Entertainment Weekly: “My parents really loved that moment, and that's what will always matter.”

Does Brad still love Angelina? ›

According to an insider source from US Weekly, it was reported that despite the ongoing legal battle for the ownership of the fine winery house Château Miraval, Brad Pitt still cares deeply for his ex-wife and prioritizes her happiness over anything.

What language does Angelina Jolie speak? ›

English is a West Germanic language in the Indo-European language family, with its earliest forms spoken by the inhabitants of early medieval England. It is named after the Angles, one of the ancient Germanic peoples that migrated to the island of Great Britain.

What has Brad Pitt said about Angelina Jolie? ›

Pitt accused Ms. Jolie of being “too deferential” to their children and then began yelling at her in the bathroom. “Pitt grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her into the bathroom wall,” the filing states.

What sickness did Angelina Jolie have? ›

“The major prevailing theory concerning the cause of Bell palsy is that it is an immune reaction of the facial nerve in response to a viral infection,” Dr. Simpson added.

What surgery did Shiloh Jolie have? ›

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Underwent Hip Surgery

While Jolie did not name Shiloh as the daughter who had hip surgery in her essay, this served as visual confirmation that it was Shiloh who underwent this operation, not Vivienne.

How many biological kids does Angelina Jolie have? ›

They were both huge movie stars, seemed really in love, and had six Jolie-Pitts running around the house. All in, the couple share three biological children and three adopted children, all of whom have shown up at red carpet events and in the news over the years.

Did Angelina Jolie lose custody of her kids? ›

The former Hollywood couple share Maddox, 20, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 14. Angelina Jolie now has sole custody of the minor kids, with Brad Pitt getting visitation rights, following a lengthy battle over their prior joint custody arrangement.

How old was Angelina Jolie when she lost her mom? ›

“I lost my mother in my thirties.

Who has full custody of Angelina Jolie? ›

The temporary custody arrangement

One month later, a judge approved a custody agreement between the two, granting Jolie physical custody of all six children.

What was the reason Angelina filed for divorce? ›

Jolie filed papers to end their marriage on Sept. 19, 2016, citing irreconcilable differences and requesting sole physical custody of their six children, Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, and twins Vivienne and Knox.

Does Angelina have a favorite child? ›

Now, after sitting on it for four years, Angelina Jolie has finally chosen her favorite Angelina Jolie kid: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, her youngest child, born in July of 2008.

What led to Angelina and Brad divorce? ›

In September 2016, Angelina filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services confirmed they were investigating Brad for alleged child abuse following an incident on the family's private jet.

Why does Angelina wear her dress backwards? ›

Her stylist Jen Rade has confirmed to Usmagazine.com that his client did indeed wear the dress backwards. The reason? To make it “more blouson”. Check out the dress on the catwalk in Azria's 2009 spring collection, as it was made to be worn, and how Angelina adapted it.

What does Angelina have on her chin? ›

This week she did just that with a striking gold lip cuff that hooked the internet with her signature pout. But what is on Angelina's chin? The actress attended the premiere of Eternals in Los Angeles Monday while donning the eye-catching 14k accessory. The cuff was designed by Austin-based jeweler Nina Berenato.

Who leaked Angelina wedding speech? ›

The girls of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, aka Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww Farley” and Deena Cortese gave a questionable speech at their pal Angelina Pivarnick's 2019 wedding to now-estranged husband Chris Larangeira. After the audio of the speech leaked online, they were bullied by many who heard it.

Who is Angelina Jolie's current husband? ›

Do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a biological child? ›

Vivienne, who has a twin brother Knox, is Brad and Angelina's biological daughter. Born in Nice, France in 2008, Vivienne has taken her mother (and Shiloh's) lead by stepping in front of the camera. She appeared in Angelina's film, Maleficent as a young Princess Aurora. She was five years old at the time.

Who is Angelina Jolie partner now? ›

Does Angelina have blue eyes? ›

Angelina Jolie

Actress, humanitarian and mom, Angelina Jolie's eyes are naturally blue but between red carpets and special award ceremonies like the Oscars, Angelina has been spotted changing up her eye colour to soft blues and even sometimes a striking green to complement her dark hair.

What religion was Angelina Jolie? ›

Jolie's mother raised her as a Catholic but did not require her to go to church. As a child, she often watched films with her mother and it was this, rather than her father's successful career, that inspired her interest in acting, though she had a bit part in Voight's Lookin' to Get Out (1982) at age seven.

What ethnicity is Angelina Jolie? ›

Her father, Jon Voight, is of Slovak and German descent. Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 3, 1975. Angelina is of German and Slovak descent on her father's side and French Canadian, Dutch, and German ancestry on her mother's side.

What did Angelina accuse Brad of? ›

The actress says she has "proof" to back up the accusations

Angelina Jolie has reportedly accused her ex-husband Brad Pitt of domestic violence in a new court filing.

Who is Brad Pitt's partner now? ›

Who was Brad Pitt's first wife? ›

Who were Brad Pitt's wives? Brad Pitt's first wife was Jennifer Aniston, who he married in 2000 and divorced in 2005. Pitt's marriage to Aniston reportedly ended due to an alleged affair he had with his second wife, Angelina Jolie, during the making of Mr. and Mrs.

Does Angelina Jolie take estrogen? ›

I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say, 'Mom died of ovarian cancer. '” To curb the symptoms of menopause, Jolie says she wears a “clear patch” that delivers bio-identical estrogen.

What did Angelina Jolie test positive for? ›

Swayed by the power of celebrity, many women needlessly rushed to get genetic testing for the cancer-causing BRCA mutations right after actress Angelina Jolie announced in May 2013 that she underwent a double mastectomy based on a positive BRCA test, concluded a study in the BMJ last month.

What treatment did Angelina Jolie have? ›

Those genes produce proteins that help repair DNA. A healthcare provider may recommend surgery to prevent certain cancers if you have a high-risk mutation in these genes (or other genes). Jolie had a prophylactic (preventative) mastectomy as well as a prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy.

Does Jolie have implants? ›

At the time of Jolie's double mastectomy, her plastic surgeon inserted temporary implants called tissue expanders. During the ensuing 10 weeks, a saline solution was progressively injected using ports put in place during the surgery.

How old was Angelina Jolie when she gave birth to Shiloh? ›

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, 17

In 2006, Jolie and Pitt announced they were expecting a baby. Their daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born on May 27 at Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia, where the family had spent the past few months.

Did Angelina Jolie breastfeed Shiloh? ›

The actress - who gave birth to the tot, whose father is Brad Pitt, in May 2006 - admits she struggled to film 'A Mighty Heart' while nursing Shiloh. She said: "I was pregnant when were preparing 'A Mighty Heart'. I had Shiloh, then I breastfed, then I did the film.

What happened to Angelina Jolie oldest son? ›

Maddox first moved to Seoul in 2019 but was forced to return home to California when the pandemic began in 2020. He continued lessons online, and had to become a "night owl" - as his lessons remained on Korean time. "He had to stay back from Korea.

How many legitimate child does Angelina Jolie have? ›

Angelina Jolie has six children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne. On November 5, 2022, Jolie posted photos with her daughter Zahara at the Brooklyn Museum.

Who are the biological children of Brad Pitt? ›

Who are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's children? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six kids: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. Maddox, Zahara, and Pax were adopted from orphanages in Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam respectively. The remaining three are their biological children.

Why did Angelina Jolie adopt her first child? ›

Speaking about how she came to adopt her eldest child, Maddox, Jolie explained, "Cambodia was the country that made me aware of refugees. It made me engage in foreign affairs in a way I never had, and join UNHCR. Above all, it made me a mom."

Who has custody over the Jolie Pitt kids? ›

Brad Pitt Was Accused Of Mistreating Angelina & Their Kids

Following their split, Angelina won primary custody of their six children. At the time, Brad was facing abuse allegations following an altercation involving him, Angelina, and their children on a private plan.

When did Angelina Jolie give birth to her first child? ›

Angelina gave birth to a daughter they named Shiloh Nouvel on 27 May 2006, in Swakopmund, Namibia. The arrival of the first Jolie-Pitt biological child caused an excited flurry with fans, all wondering what the baby would look like due to their reputation as the world's most attractive parents.

Did Angelina Jolie get along with her mother? ›

She didn't have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences. Everything was for her children," stated Jolie to Daily Mail. Jolie called her mother "Marshmallow" because she was "the softest, most gentlewoman." "She was really sweet and was never angry - she couldn't swear to save her life.

Why did Brad Pitt lose custody of his children? ›

Jolie's fight to keep Pitt from having joint custody of their children has been based on her allegations of domestic violence, which was said to be fueled by Pitt's abuse of alcohol and problems managing his anger.

How many nannies did Angelina Jolie have? ›

And Mrs. Smith actors employed nearly six to nine nannies, each focusing on an individual child. In 2011, Pitt and Jolie made headlines for spending nearly $10 million on their children for their well-being.

What was Shiloh Jolie Pitt born? ›

Why did Angelina Jolie get custody of kids? ›

Jolie cited irreconcilable differences in her filing, and an attorney for the actress, Robert Offer, told the Associated Press at the time that the decision was made "for the health of the family." She also asked for physical custody of their kids -- 21-year-old Maddox, 18-year-old Pax, 17-year-old Zahara, 16-year-old ...

Why was Maddox Jolie Pitt adopted? ›

"There are a lot of children in the world that need good care, need a better life. By that time, she wanted to be a mother, but thought it was better to be a mother to some baby who desperately needs good care," Mounh tells Daily Mail. "That's why she decided on Maddox than a biological baby.

Who filed for divorce Brad or Angelina? ›

Jolie filed papers to end their marriage on Sept. 19, 2016, citing irreconcilable differences and requesting sole physical custody of their six children, Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, and twins Vivienne and Knox. She also asked the judge to grant Pitt visitation rights.

Does Brad Pitt have relationship with any of his kids? ›

Though he was initially denied joint custody in 2021, a judge later ruled in his favor. Now, he reportedly sees his minor children regularly and has a stable relationship with them.

How many children did Angelina Jolie conceive? ›

Angelina Jolie's children. Angelina Jolie has six children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne. On November 5, 2022, Jolie posted photos with her daughter Zahara at the Brooklyn Museum.

What age did Angelina Jolie lose her mother? ›

Jolie's mother died of breast and ovarian cancer in 2007 at age 56.

Who is Brad Pitt's wife now? ›

Who is Angelina Jolie's favorite child? ›

While Angelina Jolie loves all six of her children deeply, calling them her “best friends,” she seems to have a special bond with eldest daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt.

How old was Angelina Jolie when she gave birth? ›

The 33-year-old actress gave birth at around 8 p.m on Saturday night, the doctor told the AP by telephone.


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