Is April a Good Time To Go to Hawaii? - The Family Vacation Guide (2023)

If you’re dreaming of a spring family vacation filled with volcano hikes, watching surfers, and downing poke bowls from the land where they originated, you might be wondering—is April a good time to go to Hawaii?

Yes, April is a good time to go to Hawaii. In fact, anytime a year is a good time to go; it all depends on the activities your family is most interested in and the islands you want to visit.

We’ll walk you through the must-knows of traveling to Hawaii based on the weather, surfing, and special events so that you can decide whether it’s the right fit for your family.

Table of Contents:

  • April in Hawaii: The Shoulder Season
  • All About Hawaii’s Weather in April
    • Temperature
    • Water Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Amount of Sunshine
    • Precipitation
    • Wind
  • Daylight Hours for Hawaii in April
  • Does Hawaii Get Cyclones in April?
  • Hawaii’s Surf Climate in April
  • Is April Good for Sea Turtles in Hawaii?
  • Are There Mosquitos in Hawaii in April?
  • April Celebrations in Hawaii
    • Merrie Monarch Festival
    • SPAM JAM
    • Honolulu Brewer’s Festival
  • Packing List for Your Hawaii Trip
  • Are You Ready To Travel to Hawaii?
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April in Hawaii: The Shoulder Season

April falls during Hawaii’s shoulder season, meaning it’s a time when you can enjoy exploring the islands with fewer tourists. Hotel prices also tend to be lower, and the weather is moderate.

For these reasons, traveling during April can be an excellent choice for retirees and people without children in school.

Just be careful about arranging your dates around Easter if you’re trying to avoid extra crowds. Easter has rotating dates based on the moon; sometimes, it even falls during March. Either way, you can expect more people and higher prices if you travel to Hawaii during Easter week.

All About Hawaii’s Weather in April

Admittedly, talking about Hawaii’s weather in April is a big task—there are six main islands that tourists can visit spread along the Hawaiian archipelago. So, there are temperature and precipitation microclimates according to their locations and elevations, making matters even more complicated.

Once you decide whether to visit Hawaii in April or another month, we encourage you to dive deeply into the local weather for the island(s) and destinations within those islands you want to visit. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to give you an overview here.

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The lower elevation areas of Hawaii are warm year-round, and April is no exception. Hawaii’s springtime weather consists of highs in the 70s to low 80s. You can expect the evenings to cool off a good deal, dropping into the 60s.

Such a temperature drop is especially notable along the beaches, where there tends to be more wind to make it feel cooler. Kokee on Kauai Island and the volcanoes on Big Island can get even colder.

For this reason, many people traveling to Hawaii in April pack layers to keep themselves comfortable throughout the day and evening with the fluctuating temperatures.

Water Temperature

Hawaii is notorious for pleasant water temperatures year-round. The average water temperature in April is 77° F, which makes sense, given that this is at the coldest end of the spectrum.

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So, the later you travel in April, the warmer the water will likely be, as summertime temperatures can get as warm as 82 °F.

Because the water is so warm, even in the winter months, many people choose not to wear a wetsuit any time of year in Hawaii. However, others wear one to protect their skin from debris.


Hawaii has a humid climate year-round with relatively little fluctuation. Mornings are the most humid time, with April averaging 80% humidity. By the early afternoon, that humidity level drops to 68%.

That’s perfect timing for taking a hike or lounging on the beach, as it won’t make the increasing temperature feel as hot.

Amount of Sunshine

You can expect a decent amount of sunshine during your vacation to Hawaii in April. The average amount of time that there are overcast or mostly cloudy skies is 32%. So, you should have plenty of opportunities to work on your tan.

As a reference, October is historically the month with the most amount of clouds, and January has the clearest skies on average.

Of course, Hawaii is a vast place. So, it could be sunny on one part of the island and overcast on that same island or a different island.


Hawaii has a tropical climate, so rain showers are common year-round. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to worry about washout rainy weather in April.

Instead, if you travel at the early end of April, you’ll statistically experience slightly more rain, with early April having a 31-day moving average of 1.6 inches. By the end of April, that moving average falls to only 1.2 inches.

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So, if you’re going on a day trip, on a hike, or anywhere else where you’ll be away from your accommodation for a while, we recommend packing an umbrella. However, you likely won’t need to use it long before the rain shower passes.


Hawaii receives a decent amount of wind, with the average in April ranging from 14.8 – 15.5 miles per hour. It can be as low as 0.3 miles per hour, though.

The amount you feel the wind will depend on your location. Both beaches and mountaintops will expose you to more wind than if you’re hiking through jungly areas in lower elevation areas.

As a reference, the wind is highest in July at about only one mile per hour more than in April. In contrast, January has the least amount of wind, averaging around 12 miles per hour.

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Daylight Hours for Hawaii in April

Since Hawaii is in the northern hemisphere, daylight hours increase throughout April. But before you get too excited about having extra time at the beach in the daylight, consider this: Hawaii sits close to the equator.

As a result, the fluctuation in its daylight times throughout the year is minor.

Nevertheless, April 1st starts with 12 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. The daylight hours then increase to 12 hours and 55 minutes by the time April 30th comes around.

Does Hawaii Get Cyclones in April?

Hawaii doesn’t get cyclones in April. Even during cyclone season in Hawaii, which is from June 1st to November 30th, these hurricane-like storms rarely reach or damage Hawaii.

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Therefore, even if you don’t travel to Hawaii in April, you can feel confident planning your trip for any time of year, knowing there will be a low chance of a vacation disruption from a cyclone.

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Hawaii’s Surf Climate in April

Are you wondering, “Is April a good time to go to Hawaii for surfing?” The answer depends on your surfing skills and whether you’re more interested in watching or participating in this sport.

It’s time to throw out your belief that there are four seasons in a year. Hawaii only has two seasons—summer and winter, and they impact the quality of the surf. The breakdown of these seasons is as follows:

  • Summer: May to October
  • Winter: November to April

If you travel to Hawaii in April, you’ll be on the brink of the transition period from winter to summer, especially if you travel at the end of April.

So, what does that mean for surfers?

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If you have a family of intermediate to beginner surfers, April can be an excellent time for you to travel to Hawaii.

The strongest (read: most dangerous) waves occur on most islands during winter. So, April is when the waves start calming down as they become safer for newbies during the summer.

If you’re more interested in watching surfing than participating in it, you might be disappointed by visiting Hawaii in April. That’s because the surfing competitions featuring big wave riders typically occur from November to February.

The North Shore of Oahu is an especially great place to see these swells, where they can get 50+ feet high. But you can still witness six to 10-foot waves in April.

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Is April Good for Sea Turtles in Hawaii?

April can be a good time for sea turtle sightings in Hawaii, although you’ll have a higher chance of seeing them if you travel during the summer.

Most sea turtles only arrive on shore to lay their eggs where they were born before immediately departing. But in Hawaii, it’s possible to observe Green Sea Turtles basking in the sand. The most popular place to do this is at Laniakea Beach, Oahu.

The reason why it’s easier to spot sea turtles in the summer in Hawaii is that they don’t like large waves. The time of day also matters—they tend to rest on the beach from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and shortly before sunset.

So, if your kids have their hearts set on seeing sea turtles during your Hawaii trip, you might be better off aiming to visit during the summer. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll be able to spot them at Laniakea Beach in April.

Are There Mosquitos in Hawaii in April?

There are mosquitoes in Hawaii in April. But since summer is peak mosquito season, you shouldn’t encounter unbearable swarms of them.

Nevertheless, we recommend packing some eco-friendly bug spray for your family. Although mosquito-borne diseases aren’t too common in Hawaii, they can carry diseases like dengue, zika, and chikungunya.

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April Celebrations in Hawaii

You’ll feel worlds away from the United States when you visit Hawaii. So, planning your trip around special events during that time can be fun. Below are a few April events to consider.

Merrie Monarch Festival

The Merrie Monarch Festival takes place on Big Island and is Hawaii’s biggest event. It’s a cultural festival that remembers the legacy of King David Kalakaua.

During this week-long festival, you’ll be able to meander through art fairs, watch hula shows, and be a spectator at the grand parade through the town of Hilo.

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If you always thought SPAM, the canned meat, is gross, Hawaii might change your mind. The week-long festival takes place in Waikiki, typically towards the end of April.

Restaurants around Hawaii participate in SPAM JAM, selling their most sought-after SPAM-based dishes. Our recommendation? Go hungry and leave full.

Honolulu Brewer’s Festival

What better way to enjoy island life than by leaving the kids with a sitter and taste-testing over 80 beers? We don’t recommend tasting them in one go, of course.

The Honolulu Brewer’s Festival is a one-day event that takes place sometime in April, although the date changes depending on the year.

Packing List for Your Hawaii Trip

If you’re an American citizen, you can leave your passports at home; Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state in 1959. And yet it feels like a different country in many ways, making it a great trip for families since you don’t have to worry about passport applications and renewals.

So, below are some items you should pack for your Hawaii trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats/sunglasses
  • Prescription medication
  • Bug spray
  • Health insurance cards
  • Clothes you can layer
  • Swimsuit
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Copies of emergency contact information

It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of your children’s birth certificates. Although children aren’t required to fly with an ID for domestic travel, airlines sometimes need proof of a child’s age for discount purposes.

In addition to bringing sneakers and sandals, you may also want to consider packing water shoes. Some beaches in Hawaii have a lot of rocks, so water shoes offer better traction for exploring their nooks and crannies for marine life.

We also recommend purchasing travel insurance. That way, should illness or a family emergency cause you to cancel your trip or fly home early, you’ll be able to file a claim for the new or lost expenses with your insurance company.

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Are You Ready To Travel to Hawaii?

So, is April a good time to go to Hawaii?

Yes, April is an excellent time for visiting Hawaii. Although Hawaii only has two seasons, April is a transition month between winter and summer. Fewer people travel to the islands at that time of year, meaning that it’ll be easier to find hotel availability, and prices will be relatively more reasonable.

April can also be an excellent time for beginner and intermediate surfers, as the waves start to get smaller and progressively shrink as summer approaches.

Regardless of when your family decides to travel to Hawaii, you can expect lots of warm weather and adventure.


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Is April a Good Time To Go to Hawaii? - The Family Vacation Guide? ›

The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

Is April a good month to vacation in Hawaii? ›

April is a beautiful time to visit the Hawaiian islands with perfect weather, a lower flow of tourists, and a slightly lower average price for airfare and hotel rates.

Is it better to visit Hawaii in April or June? ›

If you're looking for long days in the sun exploring the land and learning about Hawaiian traditions, June is the best time to visit Hawaii.

Is April the rainy season in Hawaii? ›

Hawaii's rainy season is from November to March, and April is generally a sunny month.

Is it better to go to Hawaii in April or May? ›

April - an excellent month, but avoid holidays when applicable. May - the best overall month for visitors, in our opinion. Great weather and reasonable rates. September - excellent month, great weather, perfect time for those seeking fewer visitors.

Is April hurricane season in Hawaii? ›

Impact in Hawaii

Tropical cyclones (i.e., hurricanes and other tropical storms) can occur at any time in the Central Pacific region, but especially from June to November.

Why is Hawaii cheaper in April? ›

April is considered an off-season month, meaning that flights are cheaper and hotels have lowered their rates due to the anticipation of fewer guests. This gives you more options and you may even be able to find a great deal on a room that you otherwise wouldn't have considered.

What month is cheapest to visit Hawaii? ›

April thru June and mid-August thru mid-September are Hawaii's "low seasons," and airfares are lower then. No matter what time of year you travel, you may be able to score better deals if you travel midweek.

Should I go to Hawaii in March or April? ›

The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

Is it better to go to Hawaii in April or September? ›

The best time to visit Hawaii is during the shoulder seasons of the fall, after labor day to before Thanksgiving, and the spring in April and May. The best month to visit Hawaii is September. During these periods you will find good weather, fewer crowds, and the best prices.

Can you swim in Hawaii in April? ›

Hawaii's ocean temperatures are warm enough for swimming. In fact, you can swim year round in Hawaii without needing a wetsuit. Is April a crowded time to visit Hawaii? Overall, crowds are definitely low in April.

What is Hawaii like in April and May? ›

You will also start to see a rise in temperature. In May, the average rises to a very comfortable 80 to 85 F range. Better yet, where April sees evening temperatures dipping into the 60s, May brings warm evenings in the low 70s.

What are the best and worst months to visit Hawaii? ›

The should seasons in general from mid-September to Thanksgiving and April through May are the best times to visit Hawaii for a well-priced trip and good weather. Whatever month you choose for your Hawaii vacation, you won't regret it. December may sound bad but a December trip to Hawaii will still be memorable.

Is Oahu nice in April? ›

April is a great time to visit Oahu! April is known as a warm month in Oahu. The temperatures during the day range between highs of 72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. During the evening hours, you can expect temperatures to dip no lower than around 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there a bad time to visit Hawaii? ›

Fortunately, Hawaii is incredibly pleasant throughout the year so there is no 'bad' time to visit. Temperature-wise, April, May, September and October are probably the most enjoyable times to visit (which luckily coincides with some good travel deals).

How many days in Hawaii is enough? ›

While many vacations are five to seven days long, we recommend staying for at least 10 days to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation. The time change is difficult to adjust to at first and takes about 3 days to get fully acclimated. So, allowing a couple days to get over the jet lag is important.

Which island in Hawaii is best for first time visitors? ›

For most travelers visiting Hawaii for the first time, the Big Island of Hawaii should be the winner because it offers the most diverse experiences.
Maui drawbacks
  • Resort areas can feel like one big, manicured golf course.
  • Activities are fewer and farther between.
  • Beach resorts can be pricey, especially in Wailea.
Nov 14, 2022

How many months in advance should I book a flight to Hawaii? ›

On average, the best time to buy your ticket to Hawaii is between 21 and 121 days before departure, with the period between 40 and 50 days often mentioned as a golden rule. The figures mentioned above are valid for domestic flights within the USA.

What day of the week is the least expensive to fly to Hawaii? ›

Flights to Hawaii are more reasonable midweek

To get the best airfare prices, look to fly on Tuesday and Wednesdays. All summer long, midweek flights are a better price.

How much is an average trip to Hawaii? ›

What is the average cost for a trip to Hawaii? The average per-person cost for a Hawaii vacation is about $4000 for a one-week trip. This includes $1000 for flights, $2000 for accommodation, $550 for meals, $250 for a rental car, and $300 for tours and activities.

What month is the most crowded in Hawaii? ›

Even near-shore ocean temperatures don't vary that much, averaging 74° throughout the year. December (except for the first week), January and February are the busiest months, when prices for airfare and accommodations are at their highest.

Is April a good time to go to Maui? ›

Maui in April is an excellent month to explore the island. Strong winter storms, along with their accompanying rain showers and large waves, have faded. Beaches are sunny and water conditions are typically calmer than in winter months.

What season is April in Hawaii? ›

There are really only two seasons in Hawaiʻi: summer (kau) from May to October and winter (hoʻoilo) from November to April.

Can you see turtles in Hawaii in April? ›

About Our Local Sea Turtles

The two types of sea turtles most spotted at Turtle Bay Resort are green sea turtles (honu) and Hawksbill sea turtles (honuʻea). Turtle nesting season in Hawaii is typically mid-April through early October, but can sometimes extend into December.

Can you see whales in Hawaii in April? ›

The best time for whale watching is December through April!

Because humpback whales migrate in a trickle migration pattern, there are some months of the year that are better for whale watching because more whales are in Hawaii during those months.

Is April a good time to go to Kauai? ›

The early spring months of April and May are two of the best months to visit Kauai, in our opinion. The weather is typically fantastic, and rates and visitor demand are down until early June. This is definitely the time of year to find great rates on-island.

When should I plan a trip to Hawaii? ›

A trip to Hawaii is expensive. And coming during a peak time, like between Christmas and New Year, can make your trip even more expensive. If you want your travel dollars to go further and get better deals on accommodations and flights, the best time to visit is during May, September, October, and November.

Is Honolulu crowded in April? ›

Mid-April-Early June

Plus, attractions in and around Honolulu are less crowded, and visitors may even catch a glimpse of migrating humpback whales in April and May. Average spring temperatures hover in the high 60s to high 80s, but unlike fall, this shoulder season rarely encounters rain and only hosts a few festivals.

Is Oahu crowded in April? ›

April is a great month to visit Oahu

While March can be a relatively busy month, things slow down again in April. With smaller crowds and even better weather (less rain, higher temperatures), April is a great month to visit Hawaii.

How hot is Honolulu in April? ›

The average temperature in Honolulu in April for a typical day ranges from a high of 78°F (25°C) to a low of 74°F (23°C). Some would describe it as pleasantly warm and breezy.

Is March or April better to go to Hawaii? ›

Where is this? The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

What are the stormiest months in Hawaii? ›

Hawaii's heaviest rains are come from winter storms between October and April. While the effects of terrain on storm rainfall are not as great as on trade wind showers, large differences over small distances do occur, because of topography and location of the rain clouds.


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